The Nose: Rich & unctuous. On the first nose, a greasy and oily peat (smoked salmon) covers an otherwise intensely smoky aromatic palette. Notes of bacon, soot and creosote then come to the fore. This first stage of the tasting is punctuated with medicinal touches (camphor, iodine tincture).  The baked pudding notes coming through are unmistakeable and highly seductive.

The Palate: Lively & dynamic. Extremely smoky and spicy (pepper, nutmeg), the attack on the palate is at the same time very elegant and racey. In the mid-palate, succulent notes of vanilla and coconut bring an invigorating yet velvety freshness to the taste palette. The aftertaste is chocolaty and salty (mineral salts).

The Finish: Long & balanced . At the beginning of the finish, bacon and leather flavours resurface and underline an evolution towards a more animal register. In the aftertaste, malted barley plays the main role. This is confirmed by a retro olfaction that literally takes us into a malting area. Of course, peat and smoke are also omnipresent.

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